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Homemade Camping Coffee Bags:
Coffee bags take the concept of Cowboy Coffee, and just make it a lot easier to ensure you don’t end up with a mouthful of grounds to spoil a delicious cup of java. You can make up as many of these as you’d like at home ahead of your camping trip and have them ready for quick coffee brewing any time. FYI – if you really want to take the easy way out, companies like Folgers and others make single-serving coffee bags that are just like tea bags. So, buy a box and submerge two bags in near boiling water to make 16 ounces of coffee.
Serves: 16 oz. coffee per bag

Dental floss or cotton twine
#4 paper coffee filters
4 Tbsp. of drip ground coffee for each bag you want to make up for a 16 oz. cup of coffee

Cut some 8-inch lengths of cotton twine or dental floss. You’ll need one for each bag you’re going to make.
Flatten out a drip coffee filter on the table in front of you.
Scoop 2 tablespoons of coffee into the center of the filter for each 8-ounces you want the bag to brew. We like to make 16-ounce batches, so that’s 4 heaping tablespoons of fine ground coffee.
Carefully gather up the sides of the filter and pull them together to form a pouch.
Give this top a good twist so the packet resembles an onion just pulled from the ground.
Use the pre-cut string to tightly tie off the top of the pouch.
When it’s time to make coffee, heat water to boiling, then remove from the heat for 30 seconds to a minute.
Pour into the cup and plop in a pre-tied bag.
Wait about five minutes, jostling the cup occasionally.
Remove the coffee bag and enjoy.


Here are just a few funny fishing superstitions:

1) Whistling on a boat causes extreme bad luck for the entire boat

2) You can only enter the boat from a certain side or the entire day of fishing will be ruined

3) Having Bananas on board your boat while fishing causes everything from motor failure, no fish, and a wild list of other detriments. (this “bananas cause bad luck fishing” theory has some anglers so superstitious about bananas on board that they won’t even allow Banana Boat sunscreen on board)



We are located on the north shore of beautiful Tanwax Lake in Graham, Washington. We welcome you to visit our campground with a lakefront setting and 300 acres of undisturbed nature.

Spring 2019

Lakeview Place Retreat Center offers Cedar Lodge, a spacious chapel and five cabins. Lakeview is the perfect setting for your group gathering, church event, family reunion, or wedding and reception.

Lakeside Place Family Campground offers cottages, RV and tent sites, a  cozy meeting hall, a spacious lodge and picnic areas, all available at great rates. 

A short walk through the trees, the fish are biting on our own private Byron Lake.

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Enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities from swimming, boating and fishing, to wooded trails, volleyball, basketball and more! We are open year-round.

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Include us in your plans for a church retreat, company picnic or small business conference.
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 Memorial Day Weekend

May 24 - May 27

There Are Still a Handful of Tent Sites Available in Both Creekside & Beechnut.

Hurry before They're Gone!!  For Current Info About Tanwax Lake, North Shore Fishing

Beginning May 1st, 2019 our RV and tent site rates will go up by $2.00 per night. But the good news is that we have done away with the additional per person fee /  per night. Each RV and tent site is allowed up to 6 people max.



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